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Will lace wigs ruin my hairline?

Men's lace wigs are by far the most popular of all men's wig types


Many people collect a lot of information about wigs on the internet before choosing one, but the various types of wigs can make people dazzled and unsure of how to choose


In fact, in many wig types, the most popular or men's lace wigs


What you will learn in this article:

  • What is a lace wig for men?
  • Advantages of lace wigs for men
  • Categories of lace wigs


What is a lace wig for men?

Lace, as we all know, is a smooth fabric with small, dense holes

A lace wig is a wig made from a lace mesh base that allows the scalp to breathe and can cover part or all of the head depending on the size of the patient's hair loss


Advantages of lace wigs for men

  • 1.Breathability

The lace has a large number of small, fine holes that allow for ventilation, thus greatly reducing the level of scalp sweating and helping the skin to breathe

Ideal for men who live in hotter areas, especially for those who are busy all day or who like to exercise and sweat easily

breathable wigs for men
  • 2. Comfortable

If a wig is not comfortable to wear, it will not be loved in any other wayThe lace wig because of the smooth touch, wear light even let people do not feel they wear a wig, but also it can be close to the scalp but will not hurt the scalp, so very comfortable to wear. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of lace wigs

  • 3. Natural look

The natural look is the proudest feature of the men's lace wig, as each hair is individually tied to the mesh and can be swung in any direction, giving the impression that it is growing out of the scalp, making the wig look more natural and attractive.

 Not only that, but this feature offers the opportunity to style your hair in as many ways as you like, from front to center, to three, to seven, and even back, without worrying about men's wigs getting out of shape!


Categories of lace wigs

Of course, there are different types of lace wigs for men, the main ones being the 3 types, the difference being the size of the lace used

1.Full lace wigs

The full lace wig is made entirely of lace, it has maximum breathability and is versatile in terms of styling many styles can be tried without having to deal with stubborn hair that won't listen to you. Full lace men's hairpieces can be worn without glue on the hairnet, if you use glue then it will bleed through the lace mesh and reduce adhesion

 2.360-degree lace wigs

A 360-degree lace wig means that the wig is surrounded by lace and the center is other material, with no mesh

However, it is still breathable and because it is surrounded by lace, it still provides a natural hairline without the worry of the mesh being too visible and being seen

 3.Front lace wig

Front lace wigs have lace only on the front hairline.

The beauty of these wigs for men is that they have a natural-looking hairline.


You can part your hair to one side without having to worry about the bottom of the net is visible.


However, because it only has a mesh covering the hairline and the rest of the hair is made by machine, front lace wigs do not breathe as well as other mesh wigs.


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