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Why do lace wigs look more natural than other wigs?

The lace wig is the most popular type of wig at present. Many people will collect a lot of information about wigs on the Internet before they choose wigs, but people will be dazzled by all kinds of wigs and don't know how to choose them. And now more and more people choose lace wigs because of their unique natural effect.

Why do lace wigs look more natural than other wigs? Please read on and we'll explain the answer to you. We will also share some lace wigs wearing methods to help you wear lace wigs better. Click here to find Specialwig’s lace wigs https://specialwig.com/collections/lace-front-wig

Tips will be mentioned in this article:

※ Tips on the outstanding advantages of lace wigs over other wigs

※ Tips on the use of bleach knots process in front lace wigs

※ Tips on some of the precision crochet processes used in the production of lace wigs

※ Tips on naturally wearing a lace wig

The outstanding advantages of lace wigs over other wigs

  1. Air permeability

There are a lot of fine holes on the lace, which can achieve the ventilation effect, thus can greatly reduce the degree of scalp sweating and help the skin breathe. Lace wigs are very suitable for people living in hot areas. It's the best choice for people who are busy all day or like sports and sweat easily.

  1. Comfortable

No one does not like the feeling of comfort, and lace wigs because of the smooth touch, light wearing, even people can not feel that they are wearing a wig, at the same time, it can be close to the scalp without hurting the scalp, so it is very comfortable to wear, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of lace wigs.

  1. Natural appearance

Natural appearance is the proudest advantage of lace wig. Each hair of lace wig is tied to the mesh separately and can swing in any direction, giving people a feeling of growing from the scalp, making the lace wigs look more natural and attractive. Not only that, this advantage can provide more opportunities for hairstyle design, you can comb your hair at will, comb forward, middle parting, three or seven partings, or even comb backward, so you don't have to worry about wig deformation at all!

In addition, some new techniques used in the production of lace wigs also make it more natural than other wigs.

Application of knot bleaching technology for front lace wig

This craft mainly aims at the forehead hairline part of the lace inner net. Under normal circumstances, the lace wig forehead with the ordinary hand-woven process for crochet, which will leave some small black spots, and these small black spots don't look very good Therefore, the process of bleaching and knotting came into being.

A bleaching knot, as the name suggests, is to bleach the position of the wig hook and knot. By means of bleaching, the hair root of the forehead hairline, that is the place where the hair knot is all bleached into a lighter color. The color is very close to the skin color. After wearing the glue, it feels like hair growing out of the skin. It's very natural. ( E.g. Specialwig’s lace wigs with perfect lace inner net. https://specialwig.com/collections/lace-front-wig/products/body-wave-lace-front-wig?variant=40072072331464)

The natural front lace wigs depend on the fine production process. There are certain difficulties in the actual operation of this process. First of all, the hair with poor quality can't stand bleaching and is easy to break. And then the bleaching time must be very accurate. If the time is long, the hair will be broken. If the time is short, the color will be wrong. long time will be bleached out of the hair, short, then bleaching out of the color is not right. And the length of the bleach out can't have deviations, otherwise, it will be uneven and ugly.

Some of the precision crochet processes used in the production of lace wigs

At present, there are mainly two kinds of wig crocheting technology, machine-made, and hand-woven.

  1. machine-made

The mechanism is to use the machine to make the hairpiece by piece on the hair net. The hair can't be separated independently or sewed at will. The workmanship is rough and it's unnatural to wear, so it's cheap.

  1. hand-woven

All hand-woven wigs are also divided into ordinary hand-woven and hand-woven with a needle. Ordinary hand weaving, which is the whole net hand crocheting, is to crochet the hair one by one according to the direction of hair growth on the inner net. Compared with a machine-made wig, a hand-made wig has better technology, better effect, and higher relative price. However, there will be obvious black spots in the weaving process of hand-made wigs. Although the naturalness is very high, it still can not be perfect. Most of the lace wigs use an ordinary hand-weaving process.

Needle passing is one of the hand-weaving processes. Needle passing wig is to hook the hair on the first layer of mesh, and then pass the hair from another layer of mesh, so it is called needle passing, which is also the most complicated process in the wig.

The difference between a single needle and double-needle

The needle delivery process is divided into single needle delivery and double-needle delivery. The difference between a double pass needle and a single pass needle is that a single pass needle only delivers the long end of the hair, and the shortest part of the other end is trimmed into the net. In this process, only one crochet is needed, so it is called a single pass needle. But the knot at the bottom is easy to open and lose the hair, and the short hair root will prick the scalp. A double pass needle is that the long end and the short end of the hair both pass out the net. In this process, it needs to be crocheted twice. The short part will be slightly exposed, and there will be a little short broken hair on the top of the head. And most of the short parts will be pressed, the slight broken hair on the top of the head will be more realistic.

The root of the needle passing wig is very three-dimensional. There is no black spot left by ordinary hand weaving, just like the hair growing from the scalp. And it has a more three-dimensional feeling and realism.

Application of needle passing technology in lace wigs

And the application of needle delivery technology in a lace wig is mainly front lace needle delivery and full lace needle delivery. The front lace needle can let the front hairline to the top of the head at will. Generally, double-needle technology is used to imitate the real scalp situation of human beings. The wig with a front lace needle can expose the front hairline and can be ironed and dyed at will. It can also be tied with a low ponytail and half-ball head, so it is easy to wear.

The whole lace needle can make the whole head divide randomly, and double-needle technology is also used to imitate the human scalp. The wig with a full lace needle can show a circle of hairline around the head, and can also be tied with a high ponytail, ball head, and other shapes. It's a little more complicated to wear than the front lace needle. It can be glued or fixed with clips.

How to wear a lace wig naturally

Before wearing a lace wig, you should wrap your hair with a hairnet. This is not a simple way to wrap your hair. When wrapping, you need to make the whole wrapped hair symmetrical. Otherwise, when wearing a lace wig, the uneven parts will bulge up and make your head look bigger.

In fact, the wearing of a lace wig is just a process of viscose compared with an ordinary wig, and the quality of viscose will directly affect the natural degree of wearing a lace wig. You may also select our glue to better wear your wig in the future. https://specialwig.com/collections/accessories-1/products/ghost-bond-xl-hair-replacement-adhesive-1-3oz-invisible-bonding-glue-extra-moisture-control-light-hold-for-poly-and-lace-hairpiece-wig-toupee-systems


Here are the steps to wear a lace wig naturally.

  1. Open the hair net with both hands and put the elastic band of the hair net into the neck
  2. Hold the loose end of the net with both hands and pull it up to cover the hair, then press the tight end down on the hairline. Be careful not to let the real hair leak out of the net. A small tip is that to wear a specialwig’s headbands help you put on wigs easier. https://specialwig.com/collections/accessories-1/products/part-lace-wig-grip-bands-flexible-wig-comfort-bands-velvet-non-slip-headband-to-keep-wig-secured-and-prevent-headaches?variant=39645808918728
  3. Pull up the tail of the hairnet, wrap the real hair completely, make it spread in the hairnet, knead it evenly by hand, and fix the closing position with a hairpin to avoid slipping.
  4. Turn the bangs of the lace wig up and wear it from the front of the head back. After wearing the whole wig, pull the lace at the temples with both hands to make it stick above the ears. If the wig's tightness is not suitable, you can adjust the elastic adjustment buckle behind the inner net.
  5. When wearing a lace wig, the front of the lace mesh edge aligns with their hairline. Then the biological film is glued to the wig forehead lace edge, be sure to stick to the edge of the adhesive so that the lace will not warp.
  6. After adjusting to the right position and ensuring the accurate and symmetrical wearing position, other parts can be fixed with clips just like the traditional way of wearing wigs
  7. After wearing your lace wig, you need to take care of the shape again to make it more natural and better.


Final tips:

If you don't like to use biofilm or want to wear it more firmly, you can apply the wig glue evenly on the edge of the hairline by dot coating. After the lace edge is glued, comb down a layer of hair on the edge of the hairline, press the hair root to make the hairline fit better, and finally take care of the lace wig, and you're done.

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