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What mistakes should a lace wig beginner avoid?

The lace wigs now are getting better and better so you hardly need to worry about the wig quality but you need to wear it correctly, then the wig will be more realistic on your head and it will maintain a long time.

There are 5 main mistakes a beginner might have:


1. don’t care about your own natural hair.  

If your own hair is unwashed or wet, then it will come out a weird and unsatisfying odor from your scalp after wearing the wig for a while, because you may think no one will notice your natural underneath the wig. You also need to pay more attention to our natural hair; Your natural hair underneath is not braided to cornrows or not flat, then it will the wig puffy and fake, so you need to make sure your natural hair is in cornrows or wear a wig cap to let your natural hair as flat as possible.


2. make sure the lace color matchs your skin tone.
If the lace color doesn't match your skin tone, the lace will be very visible so on the parting space, your scalp will show a weird color and people also will notice it is a wig, which is kind of embarrassing, but there is an easy way to solve it, just applying some concealer or foundation powder on the parting area to make the lace color blend it with your skin tone.
3. no makeup before wearing the lace wig.
When you apply a lace wig with gel or glue after makeup, then the lace will not stick on your forehead and also the gel or glue may mix up with your makeup, which not only makes the wig unsecured but also ruins your makeup. So pls make sure your face is clean then wear the lace wig.
4. Never sleep with your wig on.
Some people may feel it is so tiring when you have to wear and remove it every day, so they decided to sleep it on. If you always sleep it on, the lace wig’s life span will be shortened so it is not good especially when the lace wig you bought is not cheap. It will make the hair of the wig tangled, matted, and splitting.
5. Pushing The Wig Too Far Back.
Some people may leave the wig starting from the very beginning of their natural hairline but it will make people easily get the impression that it is not your natural hair. So you can leave some little space from your natural hairline when you wear it then use the glue or gel to stick the lace on your forehead, which also will not hurt your edges.
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