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What is the secret to amazing hair?

  • Determine your hair type

        Oily: Oily and limp overall
        Dry:Frizzy overall
        Combination:Oily roots, frizzy tips. The most common hair type


  • Choose your pre-shampoo treatment

        Oily: Apply a mix of aloe vera pulp and lemon for 3–4 hours before shampoo
        Dry:(3–4 hrs before shampoo)


  • Choose your Shampoo and conditioner

        Choose sulphate free shampoos and conditioners
        Indians can refer to the following link for a good insight


  • Post Shampoo care

        Apply Conditioner every 2–3 washes
        Keep trimming your hair every 2–2.5 months
        Refrain from subjecting your hair to heat treatment       
        like straightening, curling, blow drying etc.
       These cause permanent damage
  • Mid-Hair crisis

        This is the phase between two hair wash where your roots become slightly oily but not oily enough to deserve a  shampoo.
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