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What is the secret to amazing hair?

  • STEP 1 : Determine your hair type


    • Oily : Oily and limp overall
    • Dry : Frizzy overall
    • Combination : Oily roots, frizzy tips. The most common hair type
  • STEP 2 : Choose your pre-shampoo treatment
    • Oily : Apply a mix of aloe vera pulp and lemon for 3–4 hours before shampoo
    • Dry (3–4 hrs before shampoo)
      • Aloe vera pulp + Castor oil/Olive oil/Coconut oil

       (Oils are mentioned in the sequence of their effectiveness)

      • A mask of hair conditioner+Castor oil/Olive oil/Coconut oil +glycerine(optional)+Himalaya hair cream(for Indians)
  • STEP 3: Choose your Shampoo and conditioner
    • Choose sulphate free shampoos and conditioners
    • Indians can refer to the following link for a good insight
  • STEP 4: Post Shampoo care
    • Apply Conditioner every 2–3 washes
    • Keep trimming your hair every 2–2.5 months
    • Refrain from subjecting your hair to heat treatment like straightening, curling, blow drying etc. These cause permanent damage
    • If you absolutely must straighten/ curl/blow dry , Don’t do it without a layer of hair serum
  • STEP 5 : Mid-Hair crisis
    • This is the phase between two hair wash where your roots become slightly oily but not oily enough to deserve a shampoo.
    • You can use a dry shampoo or a baby powder on the roots as a temporary solution.
    • Long Term Investments
    • Drink lots of water
    • Workout
    • Make dietary changes
    • Increase the protein intake
    • Increase the amount of Vitamin C in the diet
    • Eat clean
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