How to wear a wig? – SpecialWig

How to wear a wig?

1 If it is short hair so very simple, straightforward set up, enclose the entire head, then comb about playing in what is OK, if it is in the hair, long hair, and put his head tiled click on it. 

2 Then the anti-up level with the clamps, all the hair on his head on the tile, do not even pay attention focused on a bunch of bangs and the hair behind the ears do not use clamps securely exposed. Then wear a Portal.

To wear a wig, do not let the exposed edge of Portal. Basically, do not use hair comb, where the volume after each hand with a good tidy up on it.

The use of wig maintenance of a dedicated non-oily liquid (using the method is very simple: to bring before the lightly spray the wig on a few can) make a wig to become supple shiny and prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been to maintain moisture status as just bought the same time! 

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