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Hair weaves vs Wigs, which is better for you?

With the increasing need for frequent styling changes and the growing hair loss crisis, more and more people choose to wear wigs or buy hair weaves for hair extensions to cover up hair loss or change their hairstyle.

But for better results, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of hair weaves and wigs. Although hair weaves and wigs have a high degree of similarity, they also have different uses and are suitable for different people. Shoppers must understand the differences between them so that they can buy the most suitable products.


Tips will be mentioned in this article:

※ Tips on the pros and cons of wigs

※ Tips on the pros and cons of hair weaves

※ Tips on the difference between wigs and hair weaves and how to choose

※ Tips on how to care for the woven hair


The pros of wigs

  1. Wearing wigs can play the role of appearance modification, changing hairstyle is simple, convenient, and saving time.
  2. You can change your hairstyle at will to avoid frequent perming, dyeing, and hair-pulling damage to the hair quality.
  3. You can save money on hairstyles, hair bleaching, and dying at the barbershop.
  4. You can try many different hairstyle designs according to your clothing collocation and easily become a variety girl. For the detailed tips, you could access our product page to see the model shows.


The cons of wigs

  1. If the wig is worn too tightly, it is easy to cause scalp discomfort and scalp swelling caused by an external force.
  2. Due to the wig material or hygiene problems, it may also cause skin allergy and infect the scalp. Over time, the scalp is in a bad environment, the hair will fall off or even be bald.
  3. If you buy a wig, you should wash off the industrial raw materials and chemicals with clean water, otherwise, it will infect the scalp and harm the human body.
  4. Dyed wigs are harmful to the human body. Some countries require the formaldehyde content of wigs to be less than 75g/kg, reducing conditions in the raw materials do not allow the decomposition of aromatic amines, because aromatic amines may cause cancer, which is the most serious of the hazards of wearing wigs.
  5. Wigs are inflammable. At present, most of the wigs on the market are made of low-temperature wire, which is flammable. Therefore, wigs need to be far away from fire sources.
  6. Wearing wigs will cause pressure on the original scalp, long-term binding hair will bind the natural growth of hair. The scalp is not well ventilated, which will damage the growth environment of hair and affect the growth of hair. Secondly, if the method of wearing a wig is not appropriate, the original hair pulling force and cover the scalp, it is also easy to cause external hair loss.


So let's learn more about the pros and cons of hair weaves


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The pros of hair weave

  1. Woven hair is very strong. If you don't take the initiative to remove it, it won't fall off.
  2. Hair weaves changes your hairstyle immediately and lasts longer. It's not as troublesome as wearing a wig every day.
  3. Woven hair is safer and stronger because it's attached to your hair.
  4. Woven hair can better match with the existing natural hair. It is more natural because it just adds extra volume and length.

The cons of hair weave

  1. The hair is difficult to wash clean. It's easy to store shampoo at the weaving place, and it's not easy to blow dry, which is also the main reason for the hair knotted.
  2. There are certain requirements for the length and quality of the original hair. It is difficult to weave if the hair is too short.
  3. When weaving, it is easy to pull the hair and damage the original hair. Secondly, if the weaving hair is of poor quality, it is easy to cause hair tangles, fall off, or bad effects.
  4. Hair weaves depend on technology, bad technology, in addition, to look unnatural, but also may lead to hair loss.
  5. Hair weave installation and maintenance costs are very high.


What is the difference between a wig and a hair weave and how to choose?

A wig is a headband made of human hair, animal hair, or synthetic fibers. In short, a wig is like a hat, a hat with hair that is simple to wear. And hair weaves is a technology, it is a skill used to fix hair. Simply put, hair weaves are the use of some real hair and the original hair, through a unique hair weaving technology, they are closely woven together.

In addition, unlike hair weaves, hair extensions are usually cut short, glued, or sewn onto natural hair by adding additional human hair. Generally speaking, all hair weaves are a type of hair extension, but not all extensions are hair weave. You could access our website for more details about specialwig's human hair wig.


When considering which one is more suitable for you, you can consider the following aspects.

Most people use hair weaves or hair extensions to change their hairstyle more permanently because they don't have to take off the steps of putting them on repeat every day. Compared to wearing wigs, it's not troublesome. But the choice of wigs, hair weaves or hair extensions depends on your preferences and conditions.

Relatively speaking, hair weave is more suitable for the following people: scarring alopecia, that is, hair loss caused by burns, scalds, craniocerebral trauma and scar, electric injury and sores after craniocerebral surgery, seborrheic alopecia, also known as male-type alopecia or androgenic alopecia, alopecia caused by disease or disease treatment, such as alopecia, high-dose chemotherapy or radiotherapy, etc. and people allergic to hair dyes. The scalp of the above people is more sensitive, so it is more suitable to solve the problem by hair toning and hair weaving. Wigs are more suitable for ordinary hair loss, sparse hair, or damaged hair.


How to take care of the woven hair?

  1. The comb used for combing hair every day must be round-headed and wide tooth pitch. Do not use too much force when combing, otherwise, it will cause hair damage and fall off.
  2. Shampoo and conditioner must be acidic.
  3. Don't stay exposed to the sun for too long.
  4. When blowing, the hair drier should not be too close to the root of the woven hair.
  5. Don't rub the woven roots when washing hair.
  6. Woven hair needs regular care. If you want to keep it longer, you can buy a professional detergent to clean your weave hair regularly. If it's too much trouble, you can also use a moisturizing shampoo—soak your hair in cool water for a few minutes, then change the water and add 2 drops of shampoo, stir it with your hands and let it soak for a while, and finally dry it naturally. Remember not to use a hairdryer.
  7. Standing hair spray. One of the uncomfortable things about hair weave is that you can't comb your hair freely, especially after being blown around by the wind. It is much more convenient to have a smooth spray, after spraying the hair can be dredged with fingers.


Do you have a better idea about the choice of hair weaves and wigs? Do you have any other ways to maintain your woven hair? We'd love to see your comments on hair weaves in the comments section below.

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