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Choosing a Wig Color: Eye Color, Skin Tone, Wearing, Occasion, Age...


Changing your hair color is a very personal decision and should take some consideration. If you're new to wigs you may want to stop by a wig shop or visit an online store and check out available colors and styles. If you're considering dyeing your hair, investing in a wig is a fantastic way to try a new color without harming your natural hair. The ability to try something different is the beauty of wearing wigs; they give you the chance to change your look without doing it permanently.

  Buying a wig can be an exciting experience whether you're buying one for hair replacement or to make a fashion statement. Fashionistas are normally more open to color changes but even if you're going through Chemo or experiencing thinning hair, choosing a suitable wig color can be trying but fun. That being said, to avoid buying a wig color shade that doesn't work for you it's important to consider the following.


   Eye Color

   Wig experts quite often look at eye color when considering the right wig color for their clients. For example, they know that blue eyes really stand out with a red wig. Once the main color is selected they consider your complexion to help decide on the right red. Light red wigs pair perfectly with fair complexions and auburn shades look lovely framing darker complexions. Dark eye color and complexions will also benefit from a little contrast with wig hair color.

  Whatever color you choose you'll want to remember to shift the color of your eyebrows to your wig color choice if the contrast is significant, and you'll also want to shift the tone of your makeup to compliment your hair color which brings us to skin tone.


   Skin Tone

  Skin tone is an extremely important consideration when it comes to choosing a wig color. A striking contrast like jet black hair framing a pale skin tone can be beautiful but only if you have a perfect complexion. If you have any flaws the striking contrast will draw the eyes to the imperfections instead of your best features. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if you tone down your look too much your face can lose its luster. Going for a little contrast to liven up your look, brings out your best features and will make your eye color pop.


   Wearing occasion

   The color of the wig depends on the occasion and whether you want a wig that is great for work and professional attire, something wild and perky for a night out on the town or want one with fun, perky highlights to wear just when the mood hits you. If you don't want to experience too much of a change you can always choose a fine wig that matches your natural hair color. If you want a different look but nothing too wild, go for a lighter shade because darker shades can end up overwhelming your face and lead to a washed-out, pale look.

   Nonetheless even an unusual color combination can be gorgeous depending on the occasion and even the clothing you wear. You've probably noticed yourself that a number of young women seem to pull off donning shocking pink hair but it's usually due to the styling, the clothes, and in most cases the occasion, like an evening out at a nightclub. It is still suggested that you stick with neutral wig colors for professional activities where you'll want the focus to be on what you have to communicate instead of your hair color.



   Bold colors of wig’s hair suit to younger women. For senior women will fit quieter colors. If you want to hide your age, use golden and warm shades of a wig. Try a wig before buying to see how it matches your skin, eyes, age, occasion. Ask a wig’s seller whether the wig can be dyed to change its color.

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