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7 Steps to Make Your Hair Look Flawless

Step 1: Choose your wig type

Okay, according to Johnson, you first have to figure out what your hair goals are. Do you want a protective style that's easy to maintain and requires basically zero effort? Would you rather have a wig that's a bit more high-maintenance when it comes to caring, but allows you to switch up your parts and wear your hair in a high pony? Or do you just want something that'll make your hair look long AF? Whatever your reason, it'll determine which wig option best fits your vibe.


Step 2: Buy the right size

I know—this sounds like a no-brainer, but it's definitely something you have to keep in mind! Most wigs have adjustable straps attached, but some wig options come in different sizes, so it's good to have your measurements on hand to get a nice fit, says Johnson. Throw your natural hair in a ponytail and use a cloth measuring tape to measure the circumference of your head. This number will determine your capsize.


Step 3: Bleach the knots

This step is only for wigs with lace, and you don't have to do it, but it will make your wig look like it's growing out of your head. The bleaching process lightens the color of the black dots on the lace closure, says Johnson, giving it a more natural-looking hue. 


Step 4: Cut the lace

Lace wigs come with a ton of excess lace, so you'll have to cut and shape them to fit your head. Johnson recommends placing the wig on your head and outlining your desired hairline with white eyeliner since it's easy to see and you can remove it effortlessly. Then, use sharp and small scissors to cut the lace.


Step 5: Pluck the wig

Next up on the agenda is plucking your wig—aka getting rid of the excess hair around your hairline. According to Johnson, when you first get your wig, the hairline is going to look really dense. Plucking your wig with a tweezer will make it less bulky, so it looks more like your natural hairline. You're going to want to place the wig on your head, or a mannequin head, and begin tweezing your hairline, plucking the hair away from your face, says Johnson.


Step 6: Braid down your natural hair

Okay, now you've got to prep your natural hair before you plop on the wig. You can wear your hair in a low ponytail or slip on a wig cap, but Johnson recommends braiding your hair into cornrows to create a smooth foundation for your wig. Make sure that your hair is braided flat enough—you don't want to end up with lumps and bumps under your wig.


Step 7: Place and secure the wig

Finally, you can throw on your wig. Slip it onto your head and secure it with bobby pins and clips or work a wig gel or glue around the hairline to be extra sure that your hairpiece stays put.


Step 8: Hit your wig with dry shampoo

If you chose to go with synthetic hair for your wig instead of human, chances are it looks really shiny. Not hair commercial shiny—I'm talking about the shine that comes with, like, Halloween wigs. Don't worry, it's fixable. Johnson recommends working the dry shampoo through your wig to dull down the faux-looking luster.


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